Here’s another interesting bit that came out of CES 2015. LG organized a “private showroom” for a select few in attendance during the CES 2015 to introduce new products and technologies by LG Display. One interesting photo that came from the secret meeting was the “Dual Edge” display.

According to reports, the dual edge display curves over both sides of the device. LG would most likely come out with a dual edge LG G3 (or most pronbably G4) to challenge South Korean rival Samsung and its offerings (Galaxy Note Edge or its successor). Moreover, a rumor circulated before that Xiaomi might release a phone called Xioami Arch that features a dual curved edge display, and word is going around that LG Display supply the panels. If that’s the case, then this could be the tech the Chinese manufacturer will use in its upcoming device.

Of course none of these are confirmed aside from the “Dual Edge” panel’s existence. But at least we have an idea what direction manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Xiaomi maybe heading in the future.

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