A Quick Look at Spigen PH’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Protective Cases

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Are you one of the many who pre-registered to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6? If so, then you should know that Spigen Philippines (Spigen PH) is ready for the flagship’s most waited arrival. They are already selling Galaxy S6 protective cases from their most popular lines.

Spigen PH sent us a couple of samples for a quick review. Not surprising, I found myself liking what I saw.

Capsule Solid

The Capsule Solid encapsulates the Galaxy S6 in a flexible matte TPU case. It has an integrated kickstand and indented buttons for a sleek look. Like most of Spigen’s cases, Capsule Solid also features their patented Air Cushion Tech and Shock-absorbing pattern.

Capsule-solid (2) Capsule-solid (1) Capsule-solid (5)

Here is a closer look at Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology and Shock-absorbing pattern. There is a dimple at the corner that softens the blow if you accidentally drop the device on its edge. The lip of the case is raised to protect the screen if you place it face down on a surface.

Capsule-solid (6)

Notice the precise cuts for the camera, ports and mic. The back of the kickstand has a plastic cover to prevent it from scratching the back of your device.

Capsule-solid (4) Capsule-solid (3)

Capsule Ultra Rugged

The Capsule Ultra Rugged also features the Air Cushion Tech and the spider web like Shock absorption pattern. The design of this case gives it a more rugged look (hence the name). Some parts of the case has thicker protection than the Capsule Solid. It feels a bit chunkier as well, but still manages to have a slim profile.

Capsule-Ultra-Rugged (5) Capsule-Ultra-Rugged (6) Capsule-Ultra-Rugged (1)

Again, the cuts for the camera and ports are precise. And there’s the Air Cushion dimple .

Capsule-Ultra-Rugged (3) Capsule-Ultra-Rugged (2)

Slim Armor

If you want more protection for your Galaxy S6, then take a look at the Slim Armor. The case provides two layers of protection –  TPU interior and a polycarbonate exterior. It has a kickstand for viewing in landscape and a raised lip of 1.2mm to protect the screen.

Slim-Armor (8) Slim-Armor (1) Slim-Armor (2)

Buttons are flushed on the sides to provide a slimmer profile. And since this is a Spigen case, the ports are precisely cut.

Slim-Armor (4) Slim-Armor (5) Slim-Armor (6) Slim-Armor (7)

Tough Armor

The Tough Armor, like the Slim version, features two layers of protection as well – TPU interior coupled with a polycarbonate back. The main difference between the two is that the TPU interior seems to be thicker. It also has an integrated kickstand, and the raised lip to protect the screen.

Tough-Armor (4) Tough-Armor (1) Tough-Armor (2)

I like that the buttons are flushed at the sides. Notice the pegs on the back of the case? It lifts the back from the surface as well to minimize scratching.

Tough-Armor (8) Tough-Armor (5) Tough-Armor (6)

Final Thoughts

Spigen’s protective cases provide good protection without adding too much bulk. As always, materials used are topnotch, and the cases are thoughtfully designed. Its good too that there are variations for mostly everyone, depending on your level of paranoia.

The  Air Cushion dimple and the spiderweb-like Shock absorption pattern are pluses, while the price could be a minus for some. But one thing is for sure, these are definite must haves once you get your Galaxy S6.

Price and Availability

Both the Capsule Solid and Capsule Ultra Rugged sell for P700. The Slim Armor retails for P950, while the Tough Armor is a bit more expensive at P1,250.

The cases are now available in all Spigen kiosks. I usually frequent their kiosk in SM BF, but they have other branches as well (here and here).

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