Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi price drop

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Good news guys! Smart Bro has just lowered the price of their Prepaid LTE Pocket WiFi. It now sells for P3,495, down from the old price of P4,888. So if you’re thinking on getting one, now is the time.

Besides the price drop, Smart Bro added a small bonus. The LTE Pocket WiFi comes preloaded with 7 days of unlimited internet surfing. That means 7 days of unlimited browsing, YouTube, Deezer, art films, and more. And with speeds of up to 42 mbps, us low EQ types won’t have to suffer through the loading times. And the device allows a maximum of 10 connections.

That is not bad at all. I’ll be happy even with just 1/4 of the maximum speed. And the 10 connections is more than enough for our household.

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