Smart rebrands PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi under Smart Bro

Starting March 1, PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi will be rebranded under Smart Bro, which means their subscribers are now Smart subscribers.

Under Smart Bro, PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscriber now have access to the various GIGA promos, including Giga Video, Work, Games, Stories, and more. You can go here for the extensive list of prepaid offerings.

Aside from that, they can still enjoy big-sized data promos that suit their family’s needs, such as Famload Study, Famload Video, and Famload Video Plus.

What to expect

For one, PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers will get to benefit from Smart’s list of prepaid offerings, apart from the existing Famload offer. The quality of the network should remain the same, since its already powered by Smart’s network.

In addition, PLDT Home WiFi customers now have the option to manage and check their accounts on the GigaLife App.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and serves as a convenient portal for subscribers to easily check their load, monitor their data usage in real time, as well as purchase and register to data promos.

What’s more, subscribers also get to earn and accumulate GigaPoints, which can be used to redeem data rewards lifestyle perks.

Smart is the Philippines’ fastest mobile data network

This year, we’ve seen marked improvements from both Smart.

According to internet testing and analysis firm Ookla, Smart is the Philippines’ fastest mobile data network in the second half of 2020 with a Speed Score of 24.99, with average speeds of 20.08 Mbps for download, and 7.42 Mbps for upload. The result is based on 3,915,679 user-initiated tests taken with Speedtest.

Opensignal, on the other hand, is another mobile analytics firm who noted in its November 2020 Mobile Network Experience Report for the Philippines that Smart leads in terms of Video Experience, Upload and Download Speed Experience, 4G Availability, and 4G Coverage Experience. 

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