I recently purchased a 13 inch MacBook Air a few months ago (my first foray into OS X) and only recently did I feel the 128GB internal storage was not enough. To begin with, you get to enjoy less than that because part of it is allocated to OS X and installed apps. When the movies and pictures started piling up, I quickly realized that I need more space.

Since changing the SSD is not an option, and there are a lot of times where I don’t want to bring an external drive, the next best thing is expansion through the SD card slot. And I found the PhotoFast CR8700 Memory Expansion Kit is good for just that.

Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (1)

PhotoFast CR8700

The PhotoFast CR8700 card adapter is essentially just a shorter microSD card reader. Since almost half of a regular sized SD card juts out of the slot, the CR8700 adapter sits almost flushed to the side. It is made of durable plastic and has the same color to match the MBA. All you need is a fast high capacity microSD card, place it on the adapter and that’s it. The OS will treat it like any other regular-sized SD card. The combo kit also comes with a small thumbdrive-sized card reader which you can use like a regular flash drive if you have extra microSD card lying around.

Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (3) Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (4) Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (8)

The PhotoFast CR8700 adapter is very straight forward to use. Here are some additional photos of the adapter. As you can see, a part of it peaks at the side. There are other options where it is totally flushed at the side, but I found the CR8700 easier to remove because of this.

Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (7) Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (2) Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (6) Photofast-CR8700-Technobaboy (4)

I use the PhotoFast CR8700 adapter with an extra 32GB microSD card and store videos and pictures on it. It retails for PHP 990. I got this one from Beyond the Box, Century City Mall in Makati.

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