You can now enjoy the Smart Life in over 110 countries thanks to Smart’s Surf Abroad 550. Initially available to all Smart Postpaid subscribers, the new service offers worry-free data roaming with automatic registration and network lock feature for only PHP 550 per day.

“Nowadays, mobile Internet – or the lack of it – can make or break our vacation abroad, what with the many practical mobile apps and valuable information available online – from news, weather, navigation, flight schedules, and accommodation to must-have apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter,” said Tina Mariano, Global Access and International Services head at Smart.

Smart Surf Abroad 550 features automatic registration and network-lock technology. For automatic registration to work, just turn on data roaming on your mobile phone. That’s it. No need to key in special codes, register via text or call the hotline.

Network-lock technology, on the other hand, automatically steers and locks your phone onto Smart’s roaming partner-networks. No need to manually select a roaming partner every time. It also protects you from incurring unwanted data charges caused by accidentally connecting to another partner that doesn’t support the service.


This is very convenient, especially useful if you’re in a short trip to a country with hotels that don’t offer free Wi-Fi. The new service lets you check email, browse the web, use Google Maps, use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and messaging apps like Viber, Line or Messenger. That’s practically all of the apps you need and all of the things you would do online during a trip.

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