Altec Lansing launches Everything-Proof Bluetooth speakers in the PH

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Altec Lansince today launched its new line of Everything-Proof Bluetooth speakers in the country. The new speakers are IP67 certified and claims water, dust, shock , snow and sand proof capabilities.

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Life Jacket

The Life Jacket Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features impressive sound, speaker phone with caller ID, voice confirmation plus commands, Bluetooth pairing, and NFC compatibility. This IP67 certified speaker is water, shock, sand and snow proof. Its rated with 16 hours of battery life and has power bank capability to charge your other devices. The speaker has an SRP of PHP 7,250.


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Mini Life Jacket

The Mini Life Jacket has the same rugged design as the Life Jacket. Also IP67 certified, this speaker is water and shock proof. It also has voice confirmation, an on-board microphone and comes with a 10 hour battery life. This mini speaker has an SRP of PHP 4,850.

Mini H20

The Mini H2O Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features a compact design, an integrated carabiner, and also comes with voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for hands-free communication. Rated to have 6 hours of battery life, the compact speaker is also water, shock and everything proof. It has an SRP of PHP 4,850.

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Jacket H20

Another rugged Bluetooth speaker, the Jacket H2O is also water and shock proof. It’s IP67 rated rugged body is resistant to most elements, as wells as knocks and drops. It is rated with 8 hours of battery life. It has an SRP of PHP 3,995.

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Altec Lansing’s Everything-Proof Bluetooth speakers will be available in stores this week. 

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Life Jacket

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