Awesome drone can fly, float and go underwater

This is just too awesome not to share. This drone can not only fly, but it can float AND go underwater.


The Loon Copter

The Loon Copter is a drone developed by Oakland University’s Embedded Systems Research Laboratory. It looks like an ordinary quadcopter with tall, barrel like body. But unlike most drones, this thing can not only fly, but float and go underwater as well. According to Engadget, the project has been around a while, and that it is a semifinalist in the 2016 Drones for Good competition.

Check out the cool video below and see for yourself. The drone first floats on the water, sinks, and then tilts and uses its propellers to move around underwater. Maybe a few more years and we’ll have one big enough to fit a person.

YouTube video

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[Source: Engadget]

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