A Quick Look at Fuse Chicken’s Titan Loop Lightning-to-USB Cable

iPhones and iPads are beautiful devices but the cable that comes with it (the lightning-to-USB cable) tend to break easily. Fuse Chicken has a solution for that and its called the Titan Loop.


The Toughest Key Chain Cable on Earth

The Titan Loop is a key chain lightning-to-USB cable for recent i-devices. Dubbed as “the toughest key chain cable on Earth,” it’s made from reinforced flexible steel you can twist around depending on your needs. This thing is human proof, pet proof and (technically speaking) everything proof.

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The Titan Loop extends to nearly 9 inches (25cm), but it can be bent, twisted and looped in half to attach to your key chain, belt loop, or bag. The reinforced steel body has some weight to it and really does feel strong. I didn’t want to push it too hard, but for the sake of testing it, I pulled and wrangled it as much as I can to see how it holds. Not surprisingly, its still in one piece and still working like new.

fusechicken-titan-loop-tb021612 fusechicken-titan-loop-tb02167


The Fuse Chicken Titan Loop is one strong key chain cable. It bends and loops, and because of its indestructible nature, its great for travel and adventure (yup, this won’t break as easily as the supplied lightning-to-USB cable of your iPhone).

The Titan Loop is available at Digital Walker stores and retails for PHP1,650.

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