Apple Watch owners looking for a cool looking nightstand should take a look at Bluelounge’s Kosta — a coaster that manages their existing Apple Watch charger, giving it a convenient place to rest and recharge.


Kosta recharges the Apple Watch on its side in Nightstand Mode, giving owners access to the alarm clock and snooze function. It has a tiny and discreet footprint, making it a perfect accessory for your nightstand, office desk, or wherever.

A magnet at the center ensures that the charger stays within the confines of Kosta’s soft edges and keeps it weighed down. Its silicone-rubber material prevents scratching and keeps it from slipping around on flat surfaces.


To use Kosta, just insert the cable from the Apple Watch charger through the opening, secure the charging end on the magnetic center and plug the USB end into the AC adapter or USB port. Then place the Apple Watch on its side on Kosta and connect the charger to juice up.

Kosta is available in Dark Grey, Light Grey or Lime Green at a suggested retail price of Php 795.00. Apple Watch charger is not included. Bluelounge products are currently available in Digital Walker and Beyond the Box branches.

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  1. This defiantly a nice and easy way to charge the <a href=””>Apple watch</a> without worrying about wires or plugins.

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