LG Holiday Gift Ideas

Just a few more days before Christmas. And if you still need to buy presents for your loved ones (perfect for your mom, dad or wife) check out these ideas from LG!

LG Holiday Gift Ideas

LG 2016 TV Line-Up

LG’s new 4K OLED TbV produces deep blacks and great color imagery thanks to Dolby Vision’s high dynamic range (HDR) technology. The TV features a Picture-on-Glass design with its ultra-thin 3.37mm panel with a translucent glass back. To complement the entertainment value this brings, LG partnered with Harman/Kardon for the TV’s speaker system to deliver clean, distortion and reverberation free audio.


LG also has other TV offerings including the IPS 4K panel equipped ones and their innovative Smart TVs.

LG Music Flow P5 and Music Flow Sound 360

These LG speakers combine flexibility, premium sound quality and affordability. It can connect to TVs and smart devices using Bluetooth, providing clear sound quality.

LG Music Flow

The LG Music Flow P5 is a personal favorite. It is lightweight, stylish (I love the wood variant) and comes with a nice looking pouch. Sound quality is outstanding and can last up to 12 hours with a single charge.

The LG Music Flow Sound 360 offers the same audio quality and pairing abilities as the P5, but boasts a 360-degree design and a longer 20-hour battery life.

LG Appliances

Yes, these are appliances, and I don’t usually write about it, but these deserve a nod because of their design and how much they can make things easier at home.

LG Ref

First up is LG’s Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator. The ref features two innovative mini-doors, allowing for quick access to the most frequently consumed food and drinks. It also features a Inverter Linear Compressor, an energy efficient component that regulates inside temperature while producing less noise compared to a conventional compressor system.

LG Washing Machine

This is not a droid. It’s LG’s Twin Washing Machine (yup, I’m writing about a washing machine). If you’ve ever tried washing your own clothes by hand or have operated a conventional washing machine, then you’ll really appreciate this one. LG’s offering features a main washer and mini-washer system for quick time savings on time, space and energy. It has two separate loads that washes at the same time, with a full-sized load on up front and a mini area for smaller sets.

That’s about it for our LG gift round up. I know these are mainly appliances and not gadgety, but these are perfect your home for everyone to enjoy.

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