Smart GigaSurf 99 now comes with double data and unli Facebook and Messenger

gigasurf 99

Smart unleashes new value-for-money data promos and offers double data plus unli Facebook and Messenger.


Exciting news! For a limited time, GigaSurf 99 will come with 3GB of open access data and 600MB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, and more, for just Php99, good for 7 days. The fun doesn’t end there though, because they also included unli Facebook and Messenger to the mix.

The original GigaSurf 99 is already a good offer to begin with — For Php99, the subscribers get 1.5GB of open access data and 300MB for iflix, Spinnr and YouTube, good for 7 days. Smart did the unthinkable by doubling the data, giving subscribers even more value.

And speaking of value, let’s think for a minute how this could work out for us subscribers with a modest budget. Assuming we use this service once a week — for Php400 a month we will be getting up to 12GB of open access data, 2.4GB for iflix, YouTube and more. And then there’s unli FB and Messenger. Wow.

To use the service, just text GIGA99 and send to 9999.


The GigaSurf 99 isn’t the only service Smart has enhanced. The telco also doubled the data on AllOutSurf 99.  For Php99, the service now offers 2GB of data; 200 minutes for calls to Smart, Sun and TNT; unli All Net SMS; and unli Facebook, good for 7 days. Now that is just wow.

Imagine this. Assuming you use the service once a week, for Php400 a month you will be getting up to 8GB of open access data;  800 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and TNT; unli text to all networks; and unli FB. Again huge value-for-money offer. And again, wow.

To use the service, simply text ALLOUT99 and send to 9999.

Both promos are currently available and will run until July 10, 2017, so be sure to take advantage of these before it ends. For more information, you may visit and

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  1. Is Smart GigaSurf99 still in 3GB data access or it already reverted into the old one which comes with 1GB internet data, +300MB for iflix, YouTube, Spinnr, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Dubsmash and UNLI TEXTS TO ALL NETWORKS?

    • Its back to the regular offering of 1.5GB internet data, 300MB of iflix, YouTube, etc. Still not bad though. I use it weekly.

  2. Gagungpoti Reply

    Lol it is already july 16 but I still registered and received 3gb of data for giga99

    I wonder if it was extended or just not updated yet?

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