Vivo unveils new fingerprint technology in 2017 MWC

vivo fingerprint technology

Vivo unveils newest innovation at the 2017 MWC in Shanghai — the Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution.

Vivo Under Display

Vivo Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution or Vivo Under Display for short. Ok so maybe that’s a mouthful. But you can’t deny the great innovation behind it.

Vivo recently showcased its under-display fingerprint solution at the 2017 MWC in Shanghai. As the name implies, the company has managed to place a fingerprint sensor right under the display. The new technology essentially allow users to unlock a phone via fingerprint by either pressing on the display, behind a metal shell or even on the frame; making the need for an independent capacitive or optical fingerprint recognition button obsolete.

According to Vivo’s engineers, the Vivo Under Display is based on Qualcomm’s Fingerprint Sensors. The tech uses ultrasounds from the sensor to penetrate OLED displays to recognize a user’s fingerprint.

In my opinion, the most exciting change the new technology will bring is in design. Since the physical button for the fingerprint sensor is no longer required, this could lead to a true full-screen display smartphone with an integrated unibody and mechanical waterproof build. Perhaps one with really small bezels all around.

No news on when Vivo is planning to use the new technology. It will most likely make its way to future flagships.

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