Promate shares tips on choosing the right power bank

Accessories retailer Promate shares tips and tricks on choosing the right power solution.

Promate Tips and Tricks

If you’re often out or on the road with no access to power sockets, you’ll need a powerbank. Especially in today’s world where most smartphones barely last a day. Promate shares some quick tips on how to choose the best powerbanks for your needs.

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Size matters

Well, it does. Your gadget’s battery size matters. According to Promate, you need at least one that has a the same capacity as your device. That way, you can double whatever usage you are currently getting.

The more the merrier

Most people carry more than one device nowadays. And if you’re one of them, its better to pick a powerbank with several charging ports. That way, you can charge more than one device at a time. Easi peasi.

promate philippines

Safety first

Not all powerbanks are created equal. Its best to choose ones that have automatic voltage regulation to protect your devices from overcharging.

Quality over price

You will most often get what you pay for. And this applies to smartphones as well as powerbanks. That being said, its better to spend a bit more on reputable brands than saving a few pesos on something can easily break, or worse, on something that can damage your phone.

promate philippines

Promate Powerbanks

Promate has powerbanks ranging from 6,000 mAh up all the way up to 20,800 mAh (!). Check out Promate Tag-6 with 6000 mAh; Tag-9 with 9000 mAh; Zenith-10 and Polymax-10 both with 10000 mAh; and the Tag-15 with 15000 mAh. They also have multi port powerbanks like the ProVolta-21 (20,800 mAh) and the PolyMAX-Uni.

For the outdoorsy types, they also have the Promate Mighty, a heavy duty emergency power station that boasts a 60,000 mAh battery capable of powering appliances like TVs and laptops.

All Promate powerbanks are equipped with automatic voltage regulation to protect devices from the negative effects of overcharging.


POLYMAX-UNI — Php 2,495
ZENITH –Php 1,995
VOLTAG-10 –Php 995
PROVOLTA-21 –Php 2,295
TAG-15 –Php 1,995
TAG-9 –Php 1,495
TAG-6 –Php 895

Promate powerbanks and accessories are available at stalls in malls and retail stores. Promate is also available through Lazada.

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