Smart brings exclusive bonuses to Everwing

smart everwing

Need to get your Everwing fix? Don’t worry, Smart has you covered. The telco is now offering exclusive Smart bonuses.

Smart Everwing for the win!

Good news Everwing fans! Smart Communications, together with Blackstorm Labs, brings us exclusive in-game bonuses for Everwing. The bonuses include the Smart Egg, free daily arcane blasts, and discounts on potions.

The arcane blasts and the potions are available during game play, presented to you as at the start of boss battles and regular games. The Smart Egg can be found on the Dragon Roost/Sidekicks section of the game. For 10,000 gold, the drop rate for Philippine dragons are doubled. That means more chances to get Sarangay, a bull with a muscular body and bejeweled ears; Lampong, a bright-eyed deer with a long beard; Kiwig, a fierce and fiery pig; Buwaya, a crocodile with a saddle on its back; and Bakunawa, a serpentine dragon.

smart everwing smart everwing

For testing purposes (yeah right), I tried spamming the 10k Smart Eggs to see what I’d get. My haul? I got multiple copies of all the Philippine rare dragons, only two copies of the legendary Sar (baby Sarangay), a handful of regular rares, and a lot of commons (I was surprised as you when I realized that there were commons in the Smart Egg).

The Smart Egg and other exclusive bonuses are available until August 13, 2017. The items will only appear if you play the game while connected to Smart data.

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