Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device review

Its a good investment if you often work outside the office and need internet connection.

Besides a laptop, a major component of remote work is a strong and safe internet connection. It’s hard to come by in cafes and coffee shops. Enter Smart’s 5G Pocket Pro, promising fast Wi-Fi speeds and hours of use, powered by the telco’s 5G network.

Currently priced at PHP 7,995 (from PHP 12,995), the device becomes more affordable. But the question remains — is it for you? How does it perform? Find out in this review.

Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device review

Design and Features

The Smart 5G Pocket Pro is powered by a Qualcomm SDX62 chipset. Our review unit is the Genew model, which has a brick-like design that measures 5.5 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches. It’s about the size and shape of a compact phone that has double the thickness and the weight of one.

The device is made of plastic, including the one covering the screen. But it feels solid and well-made. However, it scratches easily, so keep that in mind should you decide to remove the plastic sheet on top of it.

Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device

The touchscreen LCD measures 2.36 inches across. The device supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and uses Smart’s 5G and 4G networks. It also offers Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for supported devices. It can accommodate up to 15 devices simultaneously, which is ideal for groups and families.

The Pocket Pro has a large 5000mAh battery for extended use and a USB-C port for charging. Its retail package includes a cable, a charger, and a SIM eject pin.

Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device

There’s a USB-C port, WPS button, power button, and the reset hole on the top side. While the SIM tray is on the other side. It can take a Smart Bro nano SIM card.

The Pocket Pro also comes in a round form factor in the Evoluzn model. It offers the same features, except that it has a regular non-touch LCD.


Before using the device, make sure to register your Smart Bro SIM card. You can find the complete instructions here.

Having a touchscreen display helps as it lets you access the SIM card’s messages for the OTP. Moreover, you can change the Wi-Fi name and password directly on the device. No need to use a separate web browser. Just go directly to the device’s settings and type in the details.

Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device

To connect your device to the Pocket Pro, just scan the QR codes of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz connection. You can also connect to it directly using your Wi-Fi password.

To test the Pocket Pro Wi-Fi, we brought it to a popular coffee shop in the Muntinlupa area to work for the day. We made sure it had good 5G connectivity. Four devices were connected to the pocket Wi-Fi, which included two laptops and two smartphones.

Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi device

The Wi-Fi connection was fast, and we didn’t notice any issues with stability. The laptops were used for browsing and writing, while the phones played YouTube videos.

We noticed the Wi-Fi device became warm after half an hour of use. It also became hot when it was left turned on inside our backpack.

To prevent overheating and ensure a strong connection, we recommend placing your pocket Wi-Fi on a table or desk outside your bag when using it.

Here are the speed test scores we got using Ookla’s Speedtest app. Take note that 5G speeds will depend on your location.

  • 4G: 75.3 Mbps DL; 3.28 Mbps UL
  • 5G: 243 Mbps DL; 31.1 Mbps UL

Battery Life

The Pocket Pro has a 5000mAh battery. It’s removable, which also means it’s replaceable.

During testing, we started at 11 am with 100%. By 7 pm, the battery life was down to 40%, which is pretty good. It can last for hours if you plan to work in a cafe or coffee shop for a whole workday.

Final Remarks

The Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro Wi-Fi device offers a fast and reliable internet connection. Its touchscreen display is a huge help during setup. Meanwhile, the large 5000mAh battery ensures a whole day of use.

One caveat is heat. It does get warm from extended use. Moreover, placing it inside a bag while turned on will make it hot.

At the time of this article, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro Wi-Fi device is still priced at PHP 7,995 on Smart’s online store. It is pricey, I admit. But I do believe it to be a good investment if you often work outside the office and need a good and stable internet connection.


Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi

The Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro Wi-Fi is priced at PHP 7,995 (from PHP 12,995), available on Smart’s website and Smart Stores nationwide. Each purchase includes PHP 250 worth of load and a free car charger.

Smart recommends pairing the device with their Unli 5G offers, such as the Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data 999 valid for 30 days. Other flexible data plans include the 1 day of use for PHP 99, 3 days for PHP 149, and 7 days for PHP 299.

To purchase prepaid load and promos, and to check your device’s balance and usage, use the Smart app.

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