Bought a Mug using WeChat Quick Pay

wechat philippines

While we were in Shenzhen, China courtesy of Huawei PH, we went on brief walk around the city to try out WeChat’s Quick Pay cashless payment facility. Needless to say, we were mightily impressed.

WeChat’s Quick Pay: Convenient and Cashless

Before retiring for the night on the first day of the Huawei PH Media Tour of China, me and a few other members of the media decided to try out the WeChat Quick Pay payment facility. Using a Huawei P10 pre-loaded with CNY 150, we proceeded to a local Starbucks to buy cold drinks and some mugs.

wechat philippines

I picked out a big Starbucks Shenzhen mug, and proceeded to the counter to pay. Nervously, I approached the cashier with the P10 in hand and the WeChat Wallet feature on screen. The staff was in a hurry, and explained that they are closing in a few minutes (this branch apparently closes at 9PM). So she quickly scanned the unique QR code, and handed me the receipt. And that was it. Even with the language barrier, we were able to finish the transaction in just a few seconds.

I was surprised and impressed at how easy it was to use the service. The whole payment process was simple — just present your QR code and they scan it. And its safe too because you no longer need to carry large sums of actual cash.

wechat philippines

The WeChat Quick Pay is a cashless facility I hope to see in the Philippines soon. It is fast and convenient, and should be easy to implement. The app is available in both Google Play and the App Store. And since payment transaction happen by scanning barcodes or QR codes, we won’t need NFC or special chips for it to work — making almost any Android or iOS device a virtual wallet.

WeChat, a widely used in chat app in China, has almost a billion users, and over 300 million of them actively use Quick Pay. Many use it to purchase items (as I did), buy groceries, pay for taxi fares, and even split bills at restaurants. It can even be used to send and receive money from other WeChat Wallet users.

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