Early this month, a Facebook security breach was discovered that affected almost 50 million accounts.

A new feature called “View As” was the culprit. The feature essentially allowed people to see what their own profile page looks like to other people. There was a vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal 50 million access tokens, allowing them to maliciously take over Facebook sessions.

The vulnerability has since been fixed. But according to the National Privacy Commission (NPC), over 750,000 Philippine Facebook users may have been affected by the attack.

To mitigate the possible effects of the breach, the NPC has instructed Facebook to notify affected Filipino users about the attack. They have also told the social network to provide free identity theft and phishing insurance for them.

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At the time, Facebook reset all the affected accounts, and another 40 million more that have used the View As feature in the last year as a security measure. If you were affected, you will be logged out of Facebook and would be asked to log back in.

Just to be sure, it might be a good idea to change your Facebook password as soon as possible.



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