Facebook security issue affects 50 million accounts

Facebook recently discovered a security issue that affects almost 50 million user accounts.

Facebook data breach

Facebook made a recent announcement about a security breach that happened last week. Guy Rosen, Facebook VP of Product Management, said their engineering team discovered an issue that affected almost 50 million accounts.

A new feature called “View As” lets people see what their own profile looks like to other people. Apparently, there was a vulnerability there that was exploited by attackers, allowing them to steal 50 million access tokens which can be used to take over Facebook sessions.

The vulnerability has since been fixed. The issue affected over 90 million accounts. As a security measure, Facebook reset the affected 50 million accounts, and another 40 million accounts that have used the View As feature in the last year was also rest. The accounts were logged out of Facebook and had to log back in to continue using the social network.

The View As feature has been temporarily deactivated while Facebook continues to investigate the matter.

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