Apple unveils new iPadOS

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Apple recently announced the new iPadOS. As the name implies, iPad now has its own OS with features specific to the tablet.

The big software update effectively makes compatible iPads into veritable productivity machines and, quite possibly, laptop replacements.

Among the many new features introduced with the new iPadOS, a few standout. For starters, the iPadOS now have a new home screen layout that allow widgets to expand on the left side of the icons.

There are also new multitasking features. The Slide Over and Split View were enhanced to improve users’ workflow. You can have multiple apps running on Slide Over. And on Split View, you can now have the same app working on either side.


Another addition are the new keyboard shortcuts. Apple included it to make navigating the web in Safari and managing files faster and simpler.

Apple also improved the Files app. It now has a column view that includes a more detailed view of the file. You can now also access and manage files on USB drives and SD cards. iCloud Drive also now support collaboration and folder sharing.

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The Safari web browser was also updated. It now has access to desktop versions of websites. It can also download and save files onto a folder in the Files app.

All of these features will make compatible iPads a viable alternative laptops, which is great news for those looking for a lighter solution to everyday productivity. The iPadOS has more features. You can check it out HERE.

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