Executives from prominent US-based chip makers Intel and Xilinx Inc. are quietly lobbying against the Huawei ban in a meeting with the US Commerce Department last May. Huawei uses Intel chips on its laptops and Xilinx for its accelerated cloud servers.

Qualcomm was also one of the companies lobbying in favor of Huawei, reports say.

The chip makers claim that Huawei smartphones and computer hardware are unlikely to have the same security concerns as their 5G networking equipment.

The effect of the US ban on Huawei has hit US chip makers hard. Huawei spends some USD 11 billion on US technology from companies like Intel and Qualcomm. As one person close to the situation said “This isn’t about helping Huawei. It’s about preventing harm to American companies.”

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Some time ago, Google also argued against the ban, stating that it is more of a risk to national security if it continues.

Last month, Huawei was placed in a tight spot when the US government placed them on the entity list. This prevented them from doing business with US companies like Google, Android, ARM, Facebook, and more without special approval due to national security concerns.

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Source: Reuters


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