A warning to fellow south residents (and visitors) — there are new speed cameras installed along the Skyway and NAIAX.

That much has been said by the Manila Toll Expressway Systems Inc., the operator behind SLEX, who recently announced the news on their official Twitter account. The new speed cameras will help catch violators and encourage motorists to follow the speed limits, and hopefully lessen speed-related accidents.

Skyway NAIAX Speed Cameras
A Toyota Hilux caught moving at 136 kph on the Skyway.

The operator also reminds everyone using the roads to observe the speed limits. On the Skyway, it’s 100 kph for cars and SUVs, and 60 kph for busses and PUVs. On NAIAX, it’s 60 kph for all vehicles that will use the highway. Not only that, but it looks like the operator will not only start enforcing speed limits but other violations (like swerving) as well.

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For those thinking they can get away with the violations, be warned. The cameras are able to capture the type of vehicle you are driving, including your license plates and conduction stickers. Deputized enforcers are likely to wait at the exit points to catch violators.

In the past, speed limits and other violations were seldom enforced even though there were warning signs posted and displayed along the highway.

Source: Twitter, Via: Top Gear


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