With all the drama surrounding the company, Huawei still managed to ship over 10 million Huawei P30 series smartphones in 85 days. The record far exceeds the P20 series sales by 52% in just 2 months.

The news was revealed by George Li, Country Manager of Huawei Consumer Business Group Philippines at the launch of the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019.

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The Huawei P30 Pro was awarded the “Best Smartphone” by the European Hardware Awards 2019 with its SuperSpectrum and SuperZoom technologies lauded as major innovations by 100 tech editors.

Huawei P30 series sells over 10 million unit

Li also revealed that the Huawei Watch GT also saw success with over 2 million units shipped since it launched in October. According to an IDC report, the company shipped over 5 million units in the first three months of 2019, making them the one of the top smartwatch makers.

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Li also added that Huawei leads the world in technological contributions to 5G standards, having developed its own 5G technology as early as 2009 with over fifty 5G contracts lined up globally. In the Philippines, Huawei’s 5G CPE system is powering Globe’s network.

Huawei recently passed Apple as the number 2 brand in terms of smartphone sales recorded after the first quarter of 2019. They have over 600 million Huawei users worldwide — meaning about 15% of the world’s population has one in their hands.


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