Apparently, Hongmeng OS (the one Huawei said they were developing as a replacement for Android) was not actually made for smartphones.

According to Huawei board member and VP Catherine Chan, Hongmeng was originally developed for industrial and business uses and the Internet of Things (IoT). The information was revealed during a media roundtable in Belgium.

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Chan says “an operating system for smartphones contain dozens of millions of lines of codes, Hongmeng contains much fewer — in the number of hundreds of thousands — and therefore very secure. Hongmeng system also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system.” This might also explain why it’s so fast compared to Android.

Huawei trademarked the name Hongmeng OS (along with its other names Oak OS and Ark OS) in response to losing access to Google’s Android OS because of the US ban. It was developed long before all their troubles started.

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But all is right in the world and the ban has been relaxed. Huawei says they will continue to use Android for their smartphones.

However, it would have been interesting to see what a fully realized Hongmeng OS can do.



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