Cherry Mobile will re-released their “calculator phone” from almost 10 years ago. The Cherry Mobile P1 2019 is an updated P1 with a price of PHP 999. However, you can get it for just PHP 399, provided you have an original P1.

As part of the company’s 10th year anniversary, they will be offering the phone at a discount. On September 10, the P1 2019 will be available for PHP 399. All you need to do is to show up with your the old P1 to any participating Cherry Mobile store or kiosk.

Cherry Mobile P1 2019

The Cherry Mobile P1 2019 is ideal for those with tight budgets and need only simple call and text functions. The tiny device has a small form factor, a camera with video recording, a 4×3 alphanumeric keypad, navigation keys, call answer and reject buttons, a color screen, a built-in flashlight, and a headphone jack.

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Interestingly, the feature phone comes with a Bluetooth dialer function for your main smartphone. This means you can use it as a companion device, acting as an extension of your more expensive smartphone, in case you don’t want to bring it out in public spaces. With it, you can make calls, send SMS or control the music player.

So there you have it. A blast from the past with the Cherry Mobile P1 2019. Check it out at Cherry Mobile stores and kiosks near you.


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