One-Punch Man is now streaming on Netflix Philippines

Woohoo! One Punch Man is now available for streaming on Netflix Philippines. The anime has been on the streaming service for some time now, but only recently became available here.

Season 1 is now up, featuring twelve 24-minute episodes. It is a must watch, and I highly recommend anime fans to watch it.

One-Punch Man was created by ONE. The story revolves around our bald headed superhero for fun, Saitama, who has become so powerful that he defeats his opponents in a single punch (hence, the title). And because of this, he has lost any excitement from battle.

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The first season was produced by Japanese animation studio Madhouse. Season 2 aired last year.

Aside from One Punch Man, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution is also available on the streaming service, as well as the season 2 of Netflix original Kingdom will stream on March 13, 2020. This is another must watch K-drama/zombie series set in the Joseon era.

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