LG’s industry leading OLED TVs received in 2019 the Eye Comfort Display certification from TUV Rheinland.

This means that your eyes are well protected from long exposures. TUV Rheinland have three key qualifications for certification: blue light content, flicker, and high-quality imaging.

Most LED LCD TVs in the market today emit as much as 64% blue light which is very harmful to our eyes. LG Display’s 65-inch OLED panels in contrast only emit 34% blue light, which is lower than the 50% threshold. While the highest spec’d 65-inch LCD panels produce 64% blue light, LG’s OLED panels emit only half that amount. Take note that anything over 50% can lead to long term damage to eyes.

LG OLED TV Eye Comfort

Low blue light emitting TVs should be on our radar, as more and more people turn to their devices for entertainment, news, and information. We spend more time now binging shows on Netflix than the months before the ECQ was implemented.

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Aside from the Eye Comfort Display certification, LG’s OLED TVs also deliver true black and life-like color, resulting in outstanding picture quality. Its OLED technology offers over a 1 billion vivid colors. These Perfect Blacks, combined with Perfect Color and Eye Comfort, provides a viewing experience like no other.


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