PLDT Home’s Fibr Plus Plan combines mesh Wi-Fi, unlimited fiber and Cignal HDTV

PLDT Home is now offering a new Fibr Plus Plan that bundles three products into one package.

These new plans are complete digital packages that combines Fibr broadband with a 3 piece mesh WiFi system and Cignal HDTV with 8 HD and 55 SD channels.

It provides you with almost all you need to turn your home into a digital haven. The Fibr broadband provides up to 300Mbps connection that’s distributed throughout your home using the 3-set mesh WiFi. Cignal TV then connects directly to the Internet, eliminating the need for a satellite dish.

PLDT Home Fibr Plus Plans

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About mesh WiFi or Whole Home WiFi, how it works is that you have one node that shares its connection to the two other nodes, forming a single wireless network providing full coverage to your home.

You can check out the Fibr Plus plans below.

PLDT Fibr Plus Plans

Aside from the Fibr Plus Plans, PLDT Home also made adjustments to its UNLIFBR plans.

  • UNLIFIBR Plan 1699 received a speed upgrade from 20Mbps to 25Mbps
  • UNLIFIBR Plan 1899 with 30Mbps has been replaced by UNLIFIBR Plan 2399 with speeds of up to 50Mbps.
  • UNLIFIBR Plan 2899 with 100Mbps price raised by PHP 100, now UNLIFIBR Plan 2999, still with 100Mbps.

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  1. Hi! I’m planning to have Fibr plan ser up on our new house. How long does it take for the installation once the form has been submitted? and also, is there a way that we can have the exact installion date provided (wherein we’re the ones who will provide what’s the most covenient time for us so that we will be on our house) ?? If so, please respond to my inquiry. Thank you! Godbless!

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