MTCRB wants to regulate Netflix, iflix and other streaming sites

According to reports, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTCRB wants to regulate video content from Netflix, iflix, and other streaming sites.

The proposal was brought up by MTCRB Legal Affairs Division head Atty. Jonathan Presquito at a recent Senate trade committee hearing on the Internet Transactions Act.

According to Presquito, it is the MTCRB’s mandate, after all, to review video content, regardless of where its shown. He also claims movies and TV shows on Netflix, iflix and other streaming sites are unrated and should be compliant with MTCRB law.

Some countries like South Korea, have policies in place that review video content prior to screaming.

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Presquito adds that once a streaming service registers with the MTCRB, the following things will happen — on-demand video will be age-appropriate, prohibited content can’t be shown, and movies shown online are authorized by distributors.

To date, Netflix, iflix and other streaming services have their own rating systems in place. And as far as I know, they do only show authorized content from distributors, which is why it takes time for some of the videos to show up in the Philippines.

In addition to the ratings, Netflix account holders also has the option to restrict what can be shown by setting age limits on user accounts.


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