Facebook Messenger is down right now

It looks like Facebook Messenger is down right now. Users of the messaging app is experiencing problems like messages not being sent and the app itself crashing.

According to Downdetector, the issue spiked at around 5PM to 6PM affecting users from the Philippines and some other countries in Europe. The website tracks issues from different online services based on reports and data gathered from social media.

As of 6:37PM December 10, there were 3,908 reports per minute of different problems.

UPDATE: It looks like the issue has been resolved in the Philippines, at least. From a peak of 4,059 (7:05PM, December 10) in Downdetector, reports per minute dwindled to the below 80 range as of 8:20AM, December 11.

facebook messenger is down right now

At this point, the reason for the issue remains unclear. From those that reported, around 46 percent can’t connect to the server, 41 percent are not receiving messages while 11 percent are unable to log-in.

As per testing (here in the Philippines), some of my messages are coming through but are delayed. While others fail entirely.

We’ll update this post once we get more information about the issue.

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