What to expect from Netflix this October

It’s October and we have the latest list of films and TV shows coming to Netflix. The list has a good roster, including Army of Thieves, the prequel to Zombie heist movie Army of the Dead, Escape The Undertaker, which starts WWE superstar The Undertaker, and a whole lot more.

For Filipino watchers looking for more Pinoy content, all seven movies of the Mano Po series is coming this month. Also coming on the streaming platform is Walwal and Signal Rock.

Meanwhile, children of all ages will also get to enjoy kid and family movies like Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle and season two of the The Baby-Sitters Club.

For more shows, you can check out the full Netflix October list below.

Netflix October

  • The Guilty (Film) – October 1
    A troubled police detective demoted to 911 operator duty scrambles to save a distressed caller during a harrowing day of revelations — and reckonings.
  • Diana: The Musical (Netflix Special) – October 1
    The dazzling and devastating life of Princess Diana takes center stage in this original musical, filmed in advance of its official Broadway opening.
  • MAID (Series) – October 1
    After fleeing an abusive relationship, a young mother finds a job cleaning houses as she fights to provide for her child and build them a better future.
  • Paik’s Spirit (Series) – October 1
    Drinks keep the conversation flowing as culinary star Paik Jong-won and celebrity guests talk life, food and booze over intoxicating meals.
Netflix October Army of Thieves
Army of Thieves, October 29
  • Escape The Undertaker (Film) – October 5
    Can The New Day survive the surprises at The Undertaker’s spooky mansion? It’s up to you to decide their fate in this interactive WWE-themed special.
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House (Film) – October 6
    Makani and her friends at Osborne High School try to identify and stop a masked killer who’s targeting students and exposing their biggest secrets.
  • The King’s Affection (Series) – October 11
    When the crown prince is killed, his twin sister assumes the throne while trying to keep her identity and affection for her first love a royal secret.
  • Fever Dream (Film) – October 13
    The charged relationship between two young moms, one a visitor and the other a local, reveals a looming environmental catastrophe and a spiritual crash.
  • Reflection of You (Series) – October 13
    A thriving painter’s enviable life begins to fray at the edges when a bright young woman she once befriended resurfaces as a shell of her former self.
  • You: Season 3 (Series) – October 15
    Now married with a young baby, Love and Joe try to forge a normal life in the affluent suburb of Madre Linda. But old habits die hard.

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  • My Name (Series) – October 15
    Following her father’s murder, a revenge-driven woman puts her trust in a powerful crime boss — and enters the police force under his direction.
  • The Trip (Film) – October 15
    Eager to end their marriage by murdering each other, a husband and wife head to a remote cabin — but soon find themselves facing an even bigger threat.
  • After We Fell (Film) – October 17
    Tessa and Hardin’s passion burns hotter than ever. But with secrets kept and promises broken, desire alone won’t be enough to build a future together.
  • Night Teeth (Film) – October 20
    A young driver picks up two mysterious women for a night of party hopping. But when his passengers reveal their true nature, he must fight to stay alive.
  • Sex, Love & goop (Series) – October 21
    Courageous couples journey toward more pleasurable sex and deeper intimacy with help from Gwyneth Paltrow and a team of experts in this reality series.
Netflix October Bright Samurai Soul
Bright Samurai Soul, October 12
  • Locke & Key: Season 2 (Series) – October 22
    The magical mystery series based on comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez returns for a new season.
  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2 (Film) – October 27
    The sequel to 2020’s horror film introduces new characters and frights.
  • Hypnotic (Film) – October 27
    Feeling stuck both personally and professionally, Jenn turns to a mysterious hypnotherapist for help, only to find herself caught in a deadly mind game.
  • Army of Thieves (Film) – October 29
    In this prequel to “Army of the Dead,” a mysterious woman recruits bank teller Dieter to assist in a heist of impossible-to-crack safes across Europe.

Netflix Pinoy Films October

  • Walwal (Film) – October 1
    In a pivotal stage of their youth, four exuberant college sophomores face personal challenges that will affect the rest of their lives.
  • Signal Rock (Film) – October 1
    A man living in a small, close-knit Filipino island community hopes for a better life as the women close to him seek opportunities away from home.
  • Mano Po 1 (Film) – October 15
    The lives of a wealthy Chinese-Filipino family are anything but conventional as they experience struggle, turmoil and the realities of everyday life.
  • Mano Po 2 (Film) – October 15
    Antonio Chan, a prominent Chinese businessman, has three women in his life — the Filipina Sol, the Chinese Lu Shui and the Filipino-Chinese Belinda — and to complicate matters further, he has children with all three women. But when a devastating crisis shakes up the overextended Tsinoy family, they’re forced to confront the issues they’ve long refused to face, and in the process, they build a brand-new relationship.
  • Mano Po 3 (Film) – October 15
    Lilia Chiong Yang (Vilma Santos) seems to have everything a woman could want, including a loving husband (Jay Manalo) who pampers her, children (Patrick Garcia, Karylle and Angel Locsin) any parent would be proud of and the respect and admiration of the most powerful people in the land. But just as she’s preparing for her 25th wedding anniversary, a chance encounter with an old flame (Christopher De Leon) could jeopardize everything.
  • Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife (Film) – October 15
    When Chona Chong (Zsa Zsa Padilla) learns that her wealthy husband Elton (Jay Manalo) is having an affair with two younger women (Cherry Pie Picache and Rufa Mae Quinto) — and has even fathered a child with one of them — her once-perfect life lies in ruins. Numbing the pain with Botox, liposuction and breast implants works well enough, at first. But then her only son (John Prats) drops another bomb: He thinks he might be gay.
  • Mano Po 5 (Film) – October 30
    Charity has found the love of her life in Nathan, but their relationship is forbidden by her family, who insists she marry a Chinese man.
  • Mano Po 6 (Film) – October 30
    Widowed and then eventually cast out by her late husband’s family, who regards her as inferior because of her mixed heritage, Melinda Uy struggles for years before becoming a wealthy and influential businesswoman.
  • Chinoy: Mano Po 7 (Film) – October 30
    The family of a self-made Chinese-Filipino businessman who has placed work above all must deal with their struggles and learn to accept each other.

Netflix Kids and Family October

  • Scaredy Cats (Kids & Family ) – October 1
    On her 12th birthday, Willa Ward receives a purr-fect gift that unlocks a world of witchcraft, talking animals and so much more with her best friends.
  • A Tale Dark & Grimm (Kids & Family) – October 8
    Follow Hansel and Gretel as they walk out of their own story into a winding and wickedly witty tale full of strange — and scary — surprises.
Netflix October Pokemon the Movie Secrets of the Jungle
Pokemon the Movie Secrets of the Jungle, October 8
  • Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle (Kids & Family) – October 8
    Koko grows up in the jungle with a solitary Zarude. When he meets Ash and Pikachu, he discovers the human world — and a plot threatening his home!
  • The Baby-Sitters Club: Season 2 (Kids & Family) – October 11
    On the heels of the “best summer ever,” the BSC gets back to business and explores another season of change — with the help of two new members.
  • Karma’s World (Kids & Family) – October 15
    Lyrically gifted middle schooler Karma juggles rap dreams and rhyme schemes while using her talent, ambition and heart to solve any problem.
  • Maya and the Three (Kids & Family) – October 22
    A Mesoamerican-inspired warrior princess embarks on a quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save humanity from the vengeful gods of the underworld.

Netflix Anime October

  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light (Anime Film) – October 1
    Meliodas and his friends jump back into action when the new era of peace is threatened by a powerful magical alliance that could spell the end for all.
  • The Way of the Househusband: Season 1 Part 2 (Anime Series) – October 7
    After disappearing from the underworld, the legendary yakuza Tatsu, “the Immortal Dragon,” resurfaces — as a fiercely devoted stay-at-home husband.
  • Bright: Samurai Soul (Anime Film) – October 12
    In the early years of Japan’s Meiji Restoration, a human ronin must unite with an orc assassin to save an elf orphan from their common adversary.

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