Apex Legends launches for Android and iOS users

Free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends Mobile is now available globally for both Android and iOS. The game has left beta, where it was previously tested in 11 countries, including the Philippines.

It appears Apex Legends Mobile does not support cross-play between phones, consoles, and PCs, which makes it a completely separate entity with its own battle pass rewards, maps, and gameplay.

Apex Legends launches for Android and iOS users

Since this is now the full game, you will have access to all game modes and legends. And, of course, those who had previously played the limited regional soft launch will see all their progress and unlocked items reset, but they do get launch and pre-registration rewards.

Moreover, all items purchased during that time will be converted to in-game currency of an equivalent value. They will also receive extra 25% bonus in-game currency credited to their accounts.

If you want to find out if your phone can run the game, here are some information from the beta detailing its requirements: Here are the smartphone requirements to play Apex Legends Mobile.

You can download the game here (Android) and here (iOS).

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