Facebook testing a new feature that allows users to have up to 5 profiles

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Meta is testing a new feature on Facebook that allows users to have a total of up to 5 profiles.

The new feature is rolled out to a limited number of Facebook users. During the test period, these users can create up to 4 additional profiles. Each profile is distinct with its own feed. Users can also hide their real name or identity, but the profiles are all connected to the core account. This means that a violation of one profile will affect the whole account.

Facebook’s sample use cases include having a separate profile for family, friends, and for officemates. To prevent abuse (such as trolling), users can only comment or like another post with only one profile. The additional profiles also need to follow Facebook’s content policies.

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This is the social media giant’s latest attempt to bring users back to the platform and encourage posting and sharing. Growth has been slowing down, especially among younger users who have been flocking to TikTok.

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