Android 11 is still the most used version of Android

Google’s latest Android platform distribution numbers show that most devices are still running on Android 11, with Android 10 and 12 close behind.

The latest report (via 9to5google) comes as Android 13 is launched. It shows that most Android device out in the wild are still on Android 11 and 10, which make up 27% and 22.3% of devices, respectively. Android 12, on the other hand, is only on 13.3% of devices.

Report shows more devices run on Android 11 and 10 as Android 13 launches

Meanwhile, Android 9 and 8 are still kicking around, occupying 14.5% and 10.9% of devices, respectively. To put that into perspective, Android 9 Pie and Android 8 Oreo launched more than 4 years ago.

The graph shows how prevalent fragmentation is on Android, which isn’t surprise, considering that there are quite a number of phone makers out there who release a lot of device per year. What’s more, they are also put in charge of updating the said phones, which further complicates the issue.

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This is also why Android updates are much slower in reaching devices compared to iOS, which have the majority of iPhones now running on iOS 15.

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