‘Mga Kwentong Epik: Maria Makiling’ is now streaming on Netflix. The series has six episodes, each running from 20 to 25 minutes.

The Filipino fantasy show is created by Epik Studios, and follows a woman who found out that she is the goddess Maria Makiling. It relies on a combination of animation and beautifully drawn comic panels, like motion comics, to tell the story.

The cast includes Ryza Cenon as Maria Makiling, followed by narrations from Kuya Bodjie Pascua. It features popular Filipino folklore characters, such as Pedro Penduko (aka Peter Harris), the Babaylan, Aswang, Nuno, and more.

'Mga Kwentong Epik: Maria Makiling' is now streaming on Netflix

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Netflix’s synopsis reads “woman in search of an enigmatic community ends up discovering an enormous truth about herself — she is the goddess Maria Makiling.”

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