Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the global popularity of Bubble Tea

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Google is celebrating the global popularity of Bubble Tea in its latest interactive doodle.

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan and exploded in popularity over the last few decades. Having its roots in traditional Taiwanese tea culture, the current bubble tea that we enjoy and love was invented sometime in the 1980s.

And as waves of Taiwanese immigrants spread all over the world, so too did this drink, resulting in countless innovations on the original bubble tea.

Google’s doodle features Taiwan’s indigenous Formosan Mountain Dog who runs a bubble tea cart. Here, you can mix different kinds of bubble tea with various ingredients, such as black/white pearls, tea, and, of course, sweet syrup.

YouTube video

The Philippines, in particular, has embraced bubble tea. You can see this in several chains that serve the popular drink in malls across the country.

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In fact, in 2019, the Philippines ranked second among drinkers of milk tea in Southeast Asia.

Head on to and check out today’s doodle.

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