Caviar unveils gold-plated Apple Vision Pro with flip-down shades for $40,000

Here's one way to flaunt your wealth.

Caviar, a luxury brand known for its extravagant versions of Apple products, announced its latest creation: a gold-plated Apple Vision Pro with flip-down shades.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first augmented reality headset, which features a sleek design, high-resolution displays, advanced sensors, and EyeSight technology that projects the user’s eyes on the external screen.

Caviar’s version, dubbed the Apple Vision Pro CVR Edition, takes the device to a new level of luxury and exclusivity. The headset and its protective mask are decorated with more than 1.5kg of 18K gold, while the headband is made from Connolly leather – also supplied to the British Royal Court and Rolls-Royce.

According to Caviar, the design draws inspiration from Tom Ford flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks, putting the Vision Pro “not only at the forefront of technology but also at the pinnacle of fashion.”

Meanwhile, the flip-down shades are not only a stylish accessory, but also a privacy feature. Caviar says that some users may not appreciate having their eyes displayed on the external screen, so they can choose to cover it with the gold shield.

The Apple Vision Pro CVR is expected to launch in the fall of 2024 (around September), following the release of the original Vision Pro in early 2024. Caviar plans to make only 24 units available at an approximate price of $39,900 (roughly P2.2 million).

This is not the first time Caviar has customized an Apple product with gold and leather. The company has previously released gold-plated versions of the iPhone, AirPods Max, Apple Watch, and more.

For more information about Caviar’s products, visit their official website.

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