One Piece, Zombieverse, and more: What to watch on Netflix in August 2023

The best shows on Netflix in August 2023.

Netflix is bringing a lot of heat to the streaming scene this August, with new shows and movies that will satisfy every taste. Whether you’re looking for action, comedy, drama, or anime, you’ll find something to binge on this month. Here are some of the highlights of what’s coming to Netflix in August 2023.

One Piece (Series Premiere)

One of the most popular and longest-running manga and anime series of all time is finally getting a live-action adaptation on Netflix. One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who dreams of finding the legendary treasure known as One Piece and becoming the King of the Pirates. Along the way, he meets a colorful crew of friends and foes, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

The live-action series will cover the first two arcs of the manga, East Blue and Alabasta, and will feature a diverse cast of actors from around the world. Fans of the original series and newcomers alike can expect a faithful and thrilling adaptation that captures the spirit and humor of One Piece. The series premieres on August 31.

Zombieverse (Series)

If you’re looking for some undead fun, check out Zombieverse, a new reality series that pits celebrities against zombies in Seoul. The series features a star-studded cast including Lee Si-young, Ro Hong-chul, Park Na-rae, and Dex, who have to survive in a city overrun by flesh-eating monsters.


They will face challenging quests and puzzles, as well as hilarious situations and interactions with each other and the zombies. Zombieverse is a unique blend of horror, comedy, and adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The series premieres on August 8.

DEPP V HEARD (Limited Series)

One of the most controversial and publicized celebrity divorces of recent years is getting a documentary treatment on Netflix. DEPP V HEARD chronicles the tumultuous relationship between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, from their whirlwind romance to their bitter legal battles.

The series features exclusive interviews with both parties, as well as their friends, family, lawyers, and witnesses, as well as never-before-seen footage and evidence from their court cases. The series also explores the wider implications of their feud on the entertainment industry, the media, and the public opinion. DEPP V HEARD is a gripping and eye-opening series that sheds light on one of Hollywood’s darkest scandals. The series premieres on August 16.

What to watch on Netflix in August 2023

Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone

Top Pick of the Month

  • Heart of Stone (Film) – August 11
    An intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable—and dangerous—weapon.

Thrills N’ Chills

  • Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Series) – August 3
    Bullied by his boss, worked around the clock, he’s nothing more than a corporate drone. All it takes is a zombie outbreak for him to finally feel alive!
  • Painkiller (Series) – August 10
    The causes and consequences of America’s opioid epidemic unfold in this drama following its perpetrators, victims, and an investigator seeking the truth.
  • Behind Your Touch (Series) – August 12
    A psychic vet and a detective join forces to crack small-town cases — but their skills are tested when they unravel a chilling serial killer mystery.
  • Mask Girl (Series) – August 18
    An office worker who is insecure about her looks becomes a masked internet personality by night — until a chain of ill-fated events overtakes her life.

Love Stories

  • Heartstopper: Season 2 (Series) – August 3
    With exams, a school trip to Paris and prom on the horizon, Nick, Charlie and the gang must navigate the next stages of life, love and friendship.
  • Destined with You (Series) – August 23
    A lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse becomes entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom — igniting an unexpected romance.
  • Squared Love Everlasting (Film) – August 23
    A flashy influencer and a down-to-earth teacher’s committed relationship gets tested when a person from the past threatens their happily ever after.
  • Choose Love (Film) – August 31
    Cami Conway has it all until she comes face to face with a kaleidoscope of tempting but tough choices. What she chooses depends wholly on you, the viewer. But be careful! Things don’t always play out like you think!


  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2 (FIlm) – August 8
    Reunited with Lancelot for the first time since their tragic accident, Tristan must learn to conquer his inner demons in order to save his mother’s life.
  • Ragnarok: Season 3 (Series) – August 24
    With the lines between good and evil blurred, Magne’s fortitude is about to face its ultimate trial in an epic final battle of gods against giants.
  • One Piece (Live Action/Series) – August 31
    Based on Japan’s highest-selling manga series in history by Eiichiro Oda, ONE PIECE is a legendary high-seas adventure unlike any other. Monkey D. Luffy is a young adventurer who has longed for a life of freedom since he can remember. Luffy sets off from his small village on a perilous journey to find the legendary fabled treasure, ONE PIECE, to become King of the Pirates! But in order to find the ultimate prize, Luffy will need to assemble the crew he’s always wanted before finding a ship to sail, searching every inch of the vast blue seas, outpacing the Marines, and outwitting dangerous rivals at every turn.

For Kids

  • Mech Cadets (Kids & Family) – August 10
    An underdog teen joins a group of young Cadets who’ve been chosen to bond with Robo Mechs from space and defend Earth against alien invaders.
  • LEGO DREAMZzz: Trials of the Dream Chasers (Series) – Episodes 11-20 on August 11
    Mateo, Izzie, and their friends stumble into the Dream World, a realm of magic and fantasy where they must use their creativity to fight dark forces.
  • The Monkey King (Kids & Family) – August 18
    A monkey and his magical fighting stick team up on an epic quest, battling demons, dragons, gods, and the greatest adversary of all: Monkey’s own ego!

For Your Must-Watch List

  • The Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2 Part 2 (Series) – August 3
    As Lisa’s trial approaches, Mickey faces doubts, setbacks and unexpected revelations. Lorna and Cisco plan for their big day, while Izzy makes big moves.
  • Zombieverse (Series) – August 8
    In Seoul, where a zombie virus outbreak has run amok, who will outwit the undead in the face of challenging quests and come out alive?
  • Ladies First: A Story of Women in Hip-Hop (Documentary) – August 9
    Rappers, writers and experts detail the influence of women on hip-hop music and culture in this docuseries honoring the trailblazers and game-changers.
  • Marry My Dead Body (Film) – August 10
    After finding an odd envelope, Policeman Ming-han’s life takes a spooky turn: He’s now wed to a ghost husband, and they must solve a crime together.
  • DEPP V HEARD (Documentary) – August 16
    Depp v Heard is a three-part series examining the infamous defamation case that captured the world’s attention and became the world’s first trial by TikTok. Showing both testimonies side-by-side for the first time, this series explores this global media event, questioning the nature of truth and the role it plays in our modern society.
  • The Upshaws: Part 4 (Series) – August 17
    A working-class Black family in Indiana strives for a better life and a happy home while juggling everyday struggles in this comedy series.
  • 10 Days of a Bad Man (Film) – August 18
    Battered, broken and bereaved, a private investigator must muscle his way through a tangle of lies to uncover the truth behind a mansion murder.
  • Who Is Erin Carter? (Series) – August 24
    A British expat’s tranquil life in Barcelona spirals out of control when an armed robbery at a supermarket exposes her secret… and violent past.
  • Killer Book Club (Film) – August 25
    Eight horror-loving friends fight for their lives when a killer clown who seems to know the grim secret they share begins to pick them off, one by one.
  • You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (Film) – August 25
    Best friends Stacy and Lydia are both planning epic bat mitzvahs. But it all unravels when a popular boy — and middle school drama — threatens to ruin everything. Idina Menzel, Jackie Sandler, Adam Sandler, Sadie Sandler and Sunny Sandler star in this smartly edgy coming-of-age comedy.
  • Guns & Gulaabs (Series) – Coming Soon
    In the cartel-run town of Gulaabgunj, an unprecedented opium deal pulls a big-city cop and a lovesick mechanic into its chaotic clutches.

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