Bluetti EB3A 600W Portable Power Station review

The convenience it offers is unmatched.

The recent storms and typhoons in the Philippines and the resulting blackouts that often came with them have put a spotlight on the value of having an emergency power source in the home.

One solution you might want to check out is the Bluetti EB3A portable power station. This device is a small but powerful battery backup that can charge and run various devices and appliances with its multiple output ports and high wattage capacity.

In this review, we will take a close look at the Bluetti EB3A and see if it’s worth the price tag.


The Bluetti EB3A has a sleek and minimalist design with a handle that is easy to carry and store. It weighs a hefty 10.14 lbs and measures 10.04 x 7.09 x 7.20 inches, making it portable and compact for carry and easy storage in the trunk of a car for when camping out or inside a corner of a cabinet at home.

It has a plastic case with a dark gray color. The build feels sturdy, despite the hollow feeling case. The front panel has a clear LCD screen that shows the input and output power, battery level, charging status, and other information. There are also three buttons that allow you to switch on or off the AC, DC, USB, and carports, as well as an emergency light.

Bluetti EB3A 600W review

The Bluetti EB3A has a total of nine output charging ports that can accommodate different types of devices and appliances. It has two AC outlets that can deliver up to 600W of power (1200W surge), which is enough to run small appliances like laptops, desk fans, modems, TVs, etc. It has two USB-A 15W ports and one USB-C 100W PD port that can fast charge compatible devices.

The power station also has 15W wireless charging at the top panel (under the handle) for compatible smartphones and accessories. Additionally, it has one 12V car port that can power devices like air pumps, portable coolers, etc., and two DC ports that can connect to LED lights or other DC devices.

Bluetti EB3A 600W review

The Bluetti EB3A can be charged via a power cord that plugs directly into the unit. This eliminates the need for a bulky power brick, which saves space and weight. The input port can accept up to 268W of charging power, and internal fans keep the unit cool while charging.

It also has a port for compatible solar panels (sold separately) to harness the power of the sun. Moreover, the device supports car charging via the cigarette lighter port (not included). The Bluetti EB3A has a built-in MPPT controller that optimizes the solar charging efficiency and speed.

Battery & Performance

The Bluetti EB3A has a large and durable battery capacity that can provide long-lasting and stable power for your devices and appliances. The device uses a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that has a capacity of 268Wh (10.8V/24.8Ah) or 72432mAh (3.7V). This type of battery is safer, more stable, more eco-friendly, and longer-lasting than other types of batteries.

It has a high cycle life of over 2500 times, which means it can last for more than six years if used daily. It also has a low self-discharge rate of less than 2% per month, allowing it to retain its charge for a long time when not in use.

Bluetti EB3A 600W review

The Bluetti EB3A offers a great deal of convenience for various power needs. We tested its performance in different scenarios and were impressed by its versatility and reliability. We brought the device with us to the beach for a day trip and used it to power a small electric fan that ran for more than half a day, as well as charge our phones. We cannot overstate the convenience it brings.

Moreover, we experienced a blackout at home during a storm and the Bluetti EB3A came to our rescue. We used it to power a fan and a lamp and used it to keep our phones charged.

Bluetti EB3A 600W review

For added convenience, the Bluetti EB3A also has a smart app control function that allows you to monitor and control the device remotely via your smartphone. You can download the free Bluetti app from Google Play or App Store and connect your phone to the device via Bluetooth.

Through the app, you can monitor the real-time input and output power, battery level, charging status, temperature, etc., as well as switch on or off the output ports, adjust the settings and modes, update the firmware, etc.

You can also toggle on eco mode, which reduces idle power consumption and extends battery life. When this mode is enabled, the device will automatically shut off the AC output after 4 hours of no load. This helps to save energy and avoid wasting battery power when the device is not in use.


The Bluetti EB3A offers fast charging of up to 268W, which can fully charge the device in less than 1.5 hours. You can also use the device while it is charging, without affecting its performance or lifespan. The built-in fan will kick in to keep the device cool during charging.


The Bluetti EB3A is a great portable power station that offers a lot of features and benefits for its size and price. The convenience it brings is unmatched. It can power a variety of appliances and lighting equipment, making it a great choice for blackouts, camping, or any other time you need a portable power source.

Moreover, the Bluetti EB3A’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and store, while the low self-discharge rate ensures it’s ready when you need it.

The Bluetti EB3A is available in the Philippines for PHP 14,200. You can get it on Bluetti’s official store in Shopee and Lazada.

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