NPC’s “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” portal helps you check if you are safe from the data breach

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) launched a portal that allows PhilHealth members to check if their personal data was compromised in the recent data breach.

The portal, called “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” (Did my PhilHealth Data leak?), is an independent initiative of the NPC to help affected Filipinos safeguard their privacy and identity.

The NPC said that the portal was created in response to the massive data leak that exposed the personal information of millions of PhilHealth members, including their names, addresses, birthdates, and PhilHealth identification numbers.

PhilHealth fell victim to a cyberattack last September 22, 2023, when hackers infiltrated the agency’s network and encrypted its files, demanding a ransom for its release. According to the DICT, over 734GB of data was stolen, compromising the personal data of millions of Filipinos.

PhilHealth members are advised to visit the “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” portal and enter their PhilHealth ID number to check if their data was leaked. The portal will show a green or red indicator depending on the result.

If the result is green, it means that the data was not part of the breach. If the result is red, it means that the data was leaked and the user should take precautionary measures to protect their privacy and identity.

PhilHealth members are advised to monitor their accounts and report any suspicious or fraudulent activities. It is also recommended that they change their passwords.

According to the NPC, the initial batch of data available on the portal are of individuals aged 60 years and above, containing an estimated one million records out of 8.5 million senior citizens, as of October 13, 2023. They will update the database of the portal to gradually include data from all age groups affected by the PhilHealth leak incident.

The “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” portal can be accessed at

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