The truth about using Google Pixel phones in the Philippines

What you need to know before you decide on using Google Pixel phones in the Philippines.

Pixel phones are great devices with powerful cameras, design, and stock Android. What’s not to like? The new Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are some of the best Android phones in the market. They come with 7 years of updates and the Tensor G3 chip, which promises faster performance and better AI features.

But is it a good idea to get a Pixel phone if you are in the Philippines? The quick answer to that is it depends if you are okay with several things.

Here is a list of what you need to know before you decide to buy a Google Pixel phone in the Philippines.

No official Google support

Google does not officially sell Pixel phones in the Philippines, so you have to buy them from third-party sellers or online shops. This means that you won’t get any official Google support or service if you encounter any problems with your device.

You also won’t be able to avail of any promotions or offers that Google may have for Pixel users in other countries.

5G, VoLTE, and VoWifi won’t work in the Philippines

One of the selling points of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is their support for 5G, VoLTE, and VoWifi. These features allow you to enjoy faster data speeds, clearer voice calls, and seamless connectivity over Wi-Fi.

However, these features are region-locked, meaning they won’t work in the Philippines. When I asked one of the stores that carry the phone, they said there was a workaround, but it involved rooting the phone. Rooting a phone is difficult and risky. Plus, e-wallet apps like Gcash don’t work on rooted devices.

You can find out more about Pixel’s 5G availability here.

No official warranty, only local store warranty

Another downside of buying a Pixel phone from a third-party seller or online shop is that you won’t get any official warranty from Google. You will only get a local store warranty, which may vary depending on the seller. Some may offer a year of warranty, while others may offer less or none at all.

You also have to consider the hassle of returning or exchanging your device if you encounter any defects or issues.

Pixel 8 Pro

You get different versions, such as US or Japan units

Since Google does not officially sell Pixel phones in the Philippines, you will get different versions of the phone depending on where they were sourced from. For example, you may get a US unit or a Japan unit. This may affect some features or settings of your phone, such as the network bands, the language options, or the pre-installed apps. For units from Japan, you might not be able to disable the camera shutter sound.


Pixel phones are undoubtedly some of the best Android phones in the market today. They offer a premium experience and they have some of the best cameras in the industry. Moreover, they come with a unique design along with the bonus of stock Android.

However, buying a Pixel phone in the Philippines comes with some trade-offs and challenges that you have to consider before making your purchase. Remember to weigh the pros and cons before you decide if it’s worth it for you.

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  1. I bought a Pixel 7 in Canada and brought it to Philippines when I moved. I am unable to use 5G, VoLTE, or VoWiFi with any local cellular provider. This has been an issue as I wanted to receive my SMS/calls while I travel outside Philippines, so I can ie. receive SMS codes from my social media and bank accounts as needed. These are basic features supported by all other brands, but for some reason, Google is punishing customers who purchased a Pixel device and now must travel and use a local cellular provider. The lack of care on Google’s part has assured me that I’ll never buy another Google device, as they clearly do not care to do what it takes to provide a cellphone with basic features in 2024.

  2. Hi, thanks for the article regarding pixel phones in the Philippines. My question is that if I buy a Pixel from the UK and take it to the Philippines permanently will it still be unsurported in the ways you’ve described?

    • Yes. The services described in the article will be disabled by Google once in the PH. You can find the countries that fully support the Pixel and its 5G services here.

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