MMDA to form strike force to tackle Illegal Parking

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will form a strike force that will augment the clearing operations of illegally parked vehicles in Mabuhay Lanes and other areas of jurisdiction in Metro Manila, the agency announced on Monday.

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said the strike force will be composed of several teams of motorcycle-riding traffic enforcers to be deployed in areas where illegal parking is reported.

“The strike force shall conduct regular clearing operations on all Mabuhay Lanes and reported areas to ensure that alternate routes for EDSA are passable and obstruction-free. They will be equipped with body-worn cameras and handheld ticketing devices which they will use in their operation,” Artes said.

The strike force will be headed by MMDA General Manager Usec. Procopio Lipana and Traffic Discipline Office Director for Enforcement Atty. Victor Nuñez. Target areas for the strike force are those where the agency previously conducted operations.

MMDA is urging the public to report to the agency areas where there is a high concentration of illegally-parked vehicles.

Illegal parking is one of the major causes of traffic congestion and road accidents in Metro Manila. It not only obstructs the flow of traffic but also poses a risk to pedestrians and other motorists.

Meanwhile, the MMDA will impose higher fines on motorists violating the EDSA bus lane starting Monday, November 13.

The increased fines apply to both drivers of public and private vehicles who are not authorized to use the exclusive bus lane. The new fines start at ₱5,000 for first-time offenders.


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