Google Bard gets smarter and more creative with Gemini Pro and image generation

The new version of Bard that can understand, reason, summarize, and code better

Google Bard received a major update that makes it smarter and more versatile. Google rolled out Gemini Pro, a new version of Bard that can understand, reason, summarize, and code better than ever before.

Gemini Pro is now available in more than 40 languages and over 230 countries and territories, allowing more people to use this enhanced version of Bard.

To help users verify Bard’s responses, Google also expanded its double-check feature to more than 40 languages. The feature lets users click on the “G” icon and see if there is any supporting or contradicting information on the web for Bard’s answer. Users can then click on the highlighted phrases and learn more from the search results.

In addition to Gemini Pro, Google also introduced image generation to Bard. Users can type in any phrase and Bard will generate a high-quality, photorealistic image that matches their request. The feature is powered by Google’s updated Imagen 2 model, which balances quality and speed.

According to Google, its image generation was designed with responsibility in mind, following its AI Principles. To distinguish between images created by Bard and human artwork, Bard uses SynthID, a technology that embeds digital watermarks into the pixels of the images. Google also said that it has implemented technical guardrails and safety filters to limit violent, offensive, or sexually explicit content, and to avoid generating images of named people. The company promises to continue investing on new techniques to improve the safety and privacy of its models.

The updates will make Google Bard more helpful, becoming a globally accessible AI collaborator for various writing tasks, from big, creative projects to smaller, everyday ones. You can try out Bard for free at

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