YouTube adds disclosure labels for AI-generated videos

Creators are now required to disclose if their content is created by AI.

YouTube is introducing disclosure labels for videos produced with generative AI. The feature will be within its Creator Studio, aimed at enhancing transparency and trust by making it clear when content is produced using altered or synthetic media.

Creators are now required to disclose if their content, which could be mistaken for reality, is created using AI technologies. This includes videos where a person’s likeness or voice is replicated, footage of real events or places is modified, or realistic scenes of fictional events are depicted.

YouTube disclosure label for AI generated content

The labels will be displayed in the video description and, for topics like health or news, within the video player itself. These labels will gradually roll out across all YouTube platforms in the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and clarity for viewers.

As part of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), Google is actively involved in fostering trust in digital content.

Moreover, Google is updating its privacy process to handle the removal of AI-generated content that features identifiable individuals, reaffirming its commitment to user privacy and platform integrity.

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