Cherry Philippines teases new smartphone launch after two years

The local tech company hints at a gaming-oriented device and another phone with a curved display

Cherry Philippines, the local tech company formerly known as Cherry Mobile, is gearing up to launch a new smartphone in the country after a two-year hiatus.

The company’s last smartphone release was in 2022, when it introduced the Aqua S10 and Aqua SV, two budget-friendly devices with decent specs and features. It also released an entry level tablet in 2023.

Since then, Cherry has been focusing on expanding its portfolio of IoT products for households, such as smart locks, security cameras, air purifiers, and robot vacuums.

However, it seems Cherry is not done with the smartphone market yet, as it recently teased a new phone on its official Facebook page.

The first hint came when the company changed its banner image with the words “Are you ready to start the game?” in big bold letters, suggesting a gaming-oriented device.

They then posted two teaser videos, one showing a dual camera setup with a flash, and another revealing quick glimpses of a smartphone.


The second video indicated that there might be two smartphones coming out, one with a flat frame and another with a curved display.

The flat-framed phone appeared to have a dual camera system, while the curved-display phone had a small hole punch selfie camera, a textured back, and a more elaborate rear camera setup.


No other details were given by Cherry, such as the name, price, or launch date of the new phones. However, fans of the brand are already excited and curious about the upcoming devices.

Cherry Philippines has not yet released any details about the new smartphones, but expect more information to come out soon. Stay tuned.

Teaser video:


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