BPI app introduces ‘Pay via QR’ e-wallet feature

With this feature, BPI app users can go cashless without the need for e-wallets.

BPI unveiled a new feature within its mobile application: Pay via QR. This innovation allows BPI app users to transact with participating stores and eateries by scanning QR Ph codes, bypassing the need to preload funds into separate e-wallets.

“They can simply open their BPI app and tap the QR icon on the upper right, then scan and pay,” said Fitzgerald Chee, BPI’s Head of Consumer Platforms. “With this feature, customers can go cashless, without the need for wallets or cashing into e-wallets, making payments for shopping and dining more seamless.”

The process is straightforward: upon opening the BPI app, users can immediately access the Pay via QR option with a single tap. However, customers must verify that the QR Ph code corresponds to a merchant account to avoid potential interbank transfer fees. The app will indicate ‘Pay merchant’ at the top of the screen for such transactions.

BPI app Pay via QR

“Through the Pay via QR feature, we aim to create awareness among our users about the convenience and benefits of using QR Ph codes for payments,” added Chee. “We encourage everyone to try this feature and experience the ease of cashless transactions with the BPI app.”

For more information on how to use the Pay via QR Ph feature on the BPI app, visit or call (+632) 889-10000, 1-800-188-89100 (domestic toll-free for PLDT), and 63+2+889-10000 (mobile phone and international calls).

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