Samsung says a fix for the Galaxy S23 fingerprint issue is coming soon

Users have since complained of several issues after updating their devices to One UI 6.1.

Samsung will soon release a fix for the fingerprint sensor issue that has been plaguing Galaxy S23 users since the One UI 6.1 update.

Since releasing the One UI 6.1 update in March, users have since complained of several issues after updating their devices. One of the problems has been difficulties with the lock screen’s fingerprint recognition, which Galaxy S23 owners first reported on various online forums.

The issue often results in the fingerprint sensor failing to recognize the user’s fingerprint on the first attempt, necessitating multiple tries to unlock the device.

In response to the growing concerns, Samsung issued a statement, acknowledging the problem and assuring customers that a fix is underway. A patch is expected to be rolled out soon, although a specific release date has not been disclosed.

The fingerprint sensor glitch is one of several problems reported by users after the One UI 6.1 update. Other issues include touchscreen responsiveness, overheating, and slower charging times.

Samsung blamed the touchscreen issue on the Google app, advising users to clear the app’s data and restart their phones as a temporary fix.

The issues only seem to affect some users. I have not experienced any of the problems on my Galaxy S23. However, I understand how frustrating this can be, considering it is affecting flagship devices.

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