Philippines is third globally in searching for ‘AI’ on Google

Only China and Ethiopia outrank the Philippines.

Based on recent data from Google Trends, the Philippines now ranks third in all searches for AI-related topics across the world and placed fourth specifically for generative AI. Only China and Ethiopia outrank the Philippines at #1 and #2, respectively.

Google Trends interest in searching for Artificial Intelligence

Google Trends provides data on topics that people from a certain country or area are searching for almost in real-time. Data is measured by recording how many times a particular keyword is searched for compared to other terms within a certain period.

According to the recent information gathered, Filipino’s appetite and interest in AI is growing. It shows the country’s growing technological awareness, economic aspirations, educational initiatives, government support, and the global trends toward AI adoption.

Google Trends interest in searching for Gen AI

For those unfamiliar, one of the AI tools available today is Gemini, Google’s AI chatbot. It’s free and available on mobile and desktop. The versatile AI assistant can handle various tasks like writing, planning, learning, generating content images, and more. A paid version called Gemini Pro with advanced features is also available.

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