IKEA will pay virtual workers real money to work for its Roblox store

IKEA will open its virtual store in Roblox on June 14.

Have you ever wished to get paid while playing a game? Well, IKEA is offering just that in its upcoming IKEA virtual store in Roblox.

IKEA is opening a virtual store in Roblox on June 24. The furniture giant is also hiring real people to work as virtual store employees, and they’ll be getting paid £13.15 per hour (roughly PHP 990/hr) for their time in the game.

ikea roblox

Dubbed “The Co-Worker Game,” players can explore a virtual IKEA, complete with showrooms, a Swedish Food Market, and even the Bistro serving virtual meatballs.

Applications for these paid, virtual co-worker roles opened on June 3 and will close on June 16. Paid co-worker positions are limited. Applicants must be 18 years or older and live in the UK or Ireland.

Successful applicants will be tasked with helping customers, arranging virtual furniture, and even getting promoted to different departments within the virtual store.

Those interested can apply for the virtual co-worker roles at


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