Snapdragon X Elite chips target desktop PCs

Qualcomm asserts that the new Snapdragon X Elite processors will change the game.

Qualcomm reignited the Windows on ARM discussion at Computex 2024. CEO Christiano Amon declared the “PC is reborn,” as the company’s Snapdragon X Elite processors are coming to desktops.

After past attempts of Windows on ARM gained limited success, Qualcomm asserts its new Snapdragon X Elite processor, coupled with a strong partnership with Microsoft, will change the game.

The most significant development is the expansion of Snapdragon chips into “all PC form factors,” according to Amon. This encompasses everything from traditional laptops to full-sized desktops. A collaboration with industry giants like ASUS, Dell, and HP will pave the way to Snapdragon-powered PCs, which will hit the market as early as June 18.

While details on specific desktop models remain under wraps, the announcement marks a significant shift for Qualcomm and the PC landscape.

Whether Snapdragon can truly dethrone the long-dominant x86 architecture in desktops remains to be seen.

However, Qualcomm’s renewed push, coupled with Microsoft’s backing, suggests a significant shift is brewing in the PC landscape.

Consumers interested in a potentially more power-efficient and mobile-centric desktop experience should keep an eye on these upcoming Snapdragon-powered machines.

Via: Yugatech, The Verge
Source: Snapdragon YouTube

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